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March 5, 2017

Continuing with our study of the Red, White and Blue Troupe of the Canal Zone this week.  I watched the Red, White and Blue Champions video again which I posted on the  January 15, 2017 Photo of the Week  (click here) this past week and studied it closer than before.  I found that the girls in the photo from February 19 Photo of the Week (click here) are the girls that are in that film.  I recognized several of them from the locks swimming and the diving at the Panama Government swimming pool.  There is another still photo that came from the WWII photos showing the girls at the Panama government pool posing on the three tier diving board.

After watching the film again this week I saw a short bit close to the beginning of the film showing a small boy jump walking on all fours across the pool deck and then onto a small diving board that must have been constructed for him or any small child.  In the film, they called the small boy Dabby Dickson.  I remember that I had a photo image of a small boy and Coach Grieser and when I looked at photo, sure enough, it is the same boy.  I captured this photo image from the UF/Panama Canal Museum collection blog and on that blog, someone wrote in the boy in the photo is David "Dabby" Dickson.  He even has the iconic Red, White and Blue patch on his sweat shirt.  It was also mentioned on the blog that "those Dickson kids could really swim"; so there were others from this family.

This photo was taken at Balboa Pool as you can see the concrete house 777 in the background off of Tavernilla Street.

More next week.

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