Photo of the Week
January 17, 2010 

This week's photo is once again another classic and not too many photos have been seen.  Here is a photo of the old Pedro Miguel Canal Zone Police substation.  I couldn't figure out where this building was at first, but after looking in a couple of 1950 vintage phone books, I found out it was building 233 and located right off of Gaillard Highway.  You can see the Pedro Miguel River behind the building.  The building was closer to Red Tank than Pedro Miguel.  I don't know what the buildings next to the police station are, but could b e part of the old commissary that was there.  The building is still identified in my 1959 CZ phone book, but must have been demolished soon after in the 1960s.  The traditional cement posts with chains strung between are shown.  Most of the police stations had  these same chain and posts.  This photo looks like it was taken during the 40's by the age of the car pictured parked in front of the building.  The sign on the front of the building reads, "Zone Police - Pedro Miguel Substation".

Another great capture in time.


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