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November 15,  2009 

was once again very fortunate to purchase a small group of photos taken in 1919 of the New Gatun area.  Ever since I posted the aerial photo of New Gatun on September 23, 2007 I have been on the lookout for other photos of this area.  Here are three from the collection that I purchased.  They are in a number series 74, 77 and 82.  I only wish the missing numbers were in the collection.   Above is a view take from the Gatun Locks.  It shows the houses and Gatun Police station (large building on hill) along with garages (long buildings) that still existed up until the 50's and 60's.  The police station was later replaced by a more modern building.  The police station is seen on a 1959 Canal Zone phone directory as building 40 and the garages as buildings 32, 33, 34, 35.  This area is now well overgrown by jungle and brush.

The photo directly below shows the same area, but from a different angle.  Lighthouse road comes down the hill and turns right at the police station and the continuing road is Mesa Verde Street.

The third photo is also taken from the locks but the view is closer to the town of Gatun that we all knew.  The railroad spur that you see in the foreground in photo 2 and 3 goes to the locks.  It is hard to see, but the main line of the railroad passes through  photo 3 as I can see the famous electric towers along the track.  I have put a yellow arrow were the main track is.

These are great old photos capturing this era of Gatun.



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