Photo of the Week
September 13, 2020

This week we continue with the William Luther Sibert's photos from the Sibert "Travel and Family Photo Album".  In November 1910,  POTUS William Howard Taft visited Panama and inspected the progress of Panama Canal Construction.  One of the sites he visited was the Gatun Locks construction.  Here he is seen with Canal workers,  Canal Movers and Shakers and other dignitaries.  Taft is the big guy with a white mustache almost center in the photo above.  To his right is Col. Goethals and to his left, William Sibert with the brown jacket and bow tie.  Harry Rousseau is standing close to the edge of the forefront excavation with the Skimmer hat on and leather spats on his legs.  I believe the guy behind him in the brown jacket, bow tie and Skimmer hat is Hon. Maurice Thatcher.  I have provided a zoom in below.  It is truly amazing these guys with those heavy jackets on can take the Panama heat and in a big hole that will be Gatun Locks one day.

This photo album is by far the best story teller I have ever seen.  Note those stares going up the far wall.  They are very similar to the ones the Sibert family stood on a couple of photo of the weeks back.  These stairs in this photo are not orientated correctly to be the same and I am sure there were many sets of stairs down into the diggings.

More to come next week.

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