Photo of the Week
April 26, 1999

Gatun Spillway Spilling.JPG (33311 bytes)
I finally found my slide of the Gatun Spillway Bridge during an all gate full spill.  This slide was taken back in the early '70s.  It was one magnificent sight seeing this event.  It is hard to comprehend the amount of water that was passing in front of you. INCREDIBLE!! They Canal Zone Police wouldn't let us on the bridge, but I managed to snap this one.  I have some other shots taken this day and might set up a little photo album showing different angles of the spill.  Before I do that, I want to find some slides of another spill that I have when I was on the Ski Dock side of the bridge and walked down to the Tarpon Club Dock.  The area was underwater.  It has amazed me at the strength that the Canal constructors / diggers, built things.  The pillars holding this bridge up are shaped with a blade facing the dam.  This helps the water pass easily, but how many times have they spilled this dam in the past 85 years?  It still stands!!!  They don't make things like this anymore.

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