Photo of the Week
October 3, 2021

A follow up to last week's photo of the old Balboa High School shop building.  I wrote my friend Art Mokray and asked him if the old building was still there.  Well he did better than answer the question, he went and took a bunch of photos and WhatsApped them to me. Here are two of the photos he sent.  As you can see, the old building is still there.  I don't know if DODDs or ACP either constructed new walls or laminated the old wood and installed new windows.  I can imagine that DODDs must have done this in order to improve the building and add AC for the students.  When we attended class there, it was all open air and could get a bit warm, but heck we were used to Panama weather and only got AC maybe a decade before the late 60's.  There are add on structures around the old building like the structure you see on the right.  It actually looks like a shipping container or portable classroom building.   I thought at first it was the old auto shop, but is the wrong end of the building.  The container port's property is just behind the building and maybe part of the container port now.

Below is a photo of Roosevelt Ave which is now double wide.  The additional road used to be the parking lot in front of the shop building.  The Banyan trees look new as they are smaller.  I am glad they kept up with those magnificent trees.

Now we know that the old shop building is still standing.  Thank you Art for getting these photos and sending in.



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