Photo of the Week
April 11, 1999

Locks Culvert - 1999 Panama Canal Commission Commemorative Calendar

Locks culverts, which can hold 25 million gallons of water, are inspected during dry-chamber overhauls.  Photo is property of the Panama Canal Commission

The Panama Canal Commission released a commemorative calendar for 1999.  My wife Margaret has just returned from a trip back home and was able to get a copy of this wonderful calendar.  What a collectable.   I had to scan this great photo of the inside of a culvert during a overhaul.   It is hard to imagine 25 million gallons of water passing through anything.  I look at this culvert and then look at the wooden molds that made it on my "Gus's Photo Album" page as a comparison.  What a great engineering feat and great minds that put this all together.  The hard copy photo is much better and you can see the fine river rock that was poured with the cement to make this culvert.  It will probably last forever.

There are other wonderful photos in this calendar that I will share with everyone in the months to come.  There are also many facts entered in the calendar days depicting eras in the Canal Zone and Panama's history.   I plan to make a list of these events as a trivia information database for visitor reference purposes.

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