Photo of the Week
February 24, 2019

This week we move on to an interesting new study.  I found these photos on a website called the Digital Public Library of America and was overwhelmed with happiness to see these three photos.  Taken in 1912 they show three good looking young ladies exploring the yet to be finished center wall of Gatun Locks and more precisely where the south end center wall lighthouse / range light was being constructed.  I always marveled at this little light house over the years when a photo would pop up.  What amazes and seen up close in these photos is how narrow the legs of this lighthouse were.  There is quite a bit of weight up top this structure.....but you know how they made things back in these days.  Wonderful American know how....after all all three sets of Panama Canal Locks are still going strong today.  I can't figure out what the piece of machinery that is shown in the photo.

The photos below are taken at another angle and the ladies have moved up higher.  There must not have been any safety officers working that day or I am sure these ladies would have be asked not to climb this structure under construction.  Take a close look at the structure and see the pride taken in constructing this lighthouse.  Very nice ornate architecture just like most things built those days.

I am going to explore more avenues concerning this little lighthouse and why it is no longer there anymore for next week.

My main computer crashed this past week and I am in the process of either fixing it, or unfortunately having a new one made.  Luckily I have pretty much all my working files kept on external hard drives and backed up.  I am posting this week's photos via my little trusty laptop.




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