Photo of the Week
November 15, 2008 

While going through some of my things that CZ Images contributors have sent me over the years, I found this really grand old photo. The photo was taken from Ancon Boulevard looking toward Ancon Hill with Gorgas Hospital looking very impressive.  In the foreground, the old Ancon Restaurant which later became the Payroll office for the Panama Canal and Canal Zone Government.  One of the old tropical construction era houses is seen above the restaurant's roof.  There is an interesting note about Ancon Hill looking quite deforested.  Interesting!

This photo was sent in by Quentin Smith.  Quentin explained in a letter that, "The material (this photo and others) was collected in January 1922, as my parents, (then 2nd Lt.) Paul R. and Marian Lee P. Smith, and oldest brother, David P. Smith, passed through the Canal as passenger on the Chateau Thiery, a military transport making it's maiden voyage, carrying troops, families and supplies from Philadelphia to Manila, Philippines."  Quentin further explains, "Our other Canal connection is Howard Gibbons, who was an engineer on canal construction, who lived there with his wife, my Great Aunt Mattie, and their children Frances and William Gibbons for an unknown period.  They were living in Miami, Florida by 1920."

Thank you Quentin for sharing this photo and memories.

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