Photo of the Week
July 31, 2005 

    The photo this week is a very unique one!  I had the chance to meet Bill Fall for the first time at the recent Panama Canal Society Reunion.  We sat, talked, exchanged history notes and looked at some great old photos that both of us had.  The photo shown above is a very special and again, unique photo.  Bill took this photo many years ago while visiting the Miraflores locks.  The old General Electric Locomotive had been converted into a light-use crane.  This special equipment was created to do jobs on the center wall because the regular cranes that ran on track could not navigate the steep incline on the center wall.  Cranes on the two sidewalls used the side tracks available off the sides of the locks on level ground to get to the different levels of the locks.  I have never seen this before and is another note in the history books.  Thanks Bill..

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