Photo of the Week
January 13, 2008 

What a valuable and  classic photo  for this week.  I was recently lucky enough to acquire this old 1912 photo post card.  I have never seen another like it, so I am assuming that the photo was taken by a private individual and had it printed on a post card.  The post card has written on it "Constructing range light for Gatun Locks - 1912". This isn't the light house within Gatun Locks, but could be the one that is on Light House Road in the town of Gatun.  I don't have a modern photo for comparison.

I have always wondered how they constructed these majestic old range and light houses along the Panama Canal.  Well, there wasn't any high-rise construction cranes available back then, so everything  was hoisted up, piece by piece.  Amazing work that these Canal Construction workers did!  

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