Photo of the Week
February 3, 2019

We will return to some more recent photos sent in by Art Mokray next week, but for this week I am going to post this rare photo.  This photo was sent to me by CZ Images contributor Peggy Huff a little while back with hopes of identifying some of these people.  This photo was taken on one of the Panama Line ships (date unknown) at the bar.  This is a real classic photo showing the way life was back then when  traveling to or from the U.S. on the Cristobal, Panama or Ancon.  Does anyone recognize any of these people?   Thank you for sending in this photo Peggy.

Speaking of the Panama Line ships, I contributed a photo for an article that magazine writer Allan E. Jordan was writing for Ships Monthly (  Allan's story was recently published in the October 2018 issue.  Allan did a fantastic job researching the information in the article and some great photos that I have never heard or have seen before.  Allan sent me an extraction out of the magazine with his article.  Click here to access the .pdf document.   Thank you Allan for sending in the article for the CZ Images visitors to read.


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