Photo of the Week
October 7, 2018

Another photo this week on the lighter side of happiness from the Golden Days of the Canal Zone.  This photo was in the same bundle of photos that I purchased at the Panama Canal Society reunion this past July and what I call the Bliss Collection.

If you ever visited the lookout on the top of Contractor's Hill, this will bring back some wonderful memories.  There isn't much left of the old hill today and certainly doesn't look like it was.  We went out to Contractor's Hill quite often both day and night.  It was a great spot for parties and watching submarine races.  PCC kept the area nice and clean and well maintained.  The picnic shelters were great and as you see, they had trash cans.  The little lookout structure next to where the car is parked had information posted about Canal history in that area.  There is a tanker truck over by the signal building which is probably delivering fuel for the generator for the signal station.  There was no power on Contractor's Hill.  When a band played in one of the picnic shelters, they brought a small generator with them.

We had some great  times and memories here on this big rock.

I am not sure how this photo was taken as there were no drones  back then, so must have been a helicopter doing a fly over of the Canal.  There is no date on the photo, but by looks of the car, 60's - early 70's.


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