Photo of the Week
February 7, 1999

Old Shanty on Gamboa Road.

My first Panama Canal Housing house.  HA!!!  This photo taken in the '70's by my friend Mike Norman was one of the houses along the Gamboa Highway.  There were many people that had land leases along the Gamboa Highway.  I believe that they dated back to the construction days.  This particular structure above was definitely a construction day vintage building.  When I moved to Gamboa in the mid 70's, I remember many houses still occupied along the Gamboa Highway.  There was even a Chinese Garden about a mile out of Gamboa.  I used to search these old homesteads for relics.  These areas have all been taken over by jungle now.  This old house should have been preserved as an example of how the average local rate person lived in those days gone by.  I found this photo very interesting and wanted to share it with you.

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