Photo of the Week
March 12, 2017

Continuing with our study of the Red, White and Blue Troupe of the Canal Zone this week.  This study is truly amazing for sure.  Long time CZ Images contributor Nina Brown sent me this photo last week  which made me crazy!  There are so many references and photos pertaining to the Red, White and Blue Troupe that spans so many years of history in the Canal Zone.  We started out in the early 1920s and now this photo pops up from the late 1940's and then the location is at Gamboa.  What a wonderful accomplishment that one man started in 1919 to last for so many generations of Canal Zone kids.  Henry Grieser was surely a great man.

Another great thing about this photo is that we have names, thanks to Nina and Doris Ehrman...

Standing - Coach Henry J. Grieser, Kenny Morris, Bobby Connor, Margie Curles, Henry Ehrman, Nina Brown, Steve Herring, Sally McConnell, Jeff Goodin, Laura Walston, Robert Anderson & Donny Ryter. 

Seated - Mark (Jimmy) Driscoll, Carmen Martinez, Lloyd Henderson, Joanie Anderson, Margarita Martinez & John Magee.

Thank you Nina and Doris...

More next week.

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