Photo of the Week
June 11, 2023

If you were growing up in the Canal Zone in the 1940 - 1960s, you probably attended one of this social events.  This is actually waiting for a lockage at Miraflores Locks Swing Bridge.  Although a pain for some, this wait was like a social event with everyone getting out of their car to watch the ship go through and have a BS session with someone waiting too.  Dad used to stop and take my brother and I to watch.  Sometimes we would go to the bridge when closed and we would walk out to the center support of the bridge which was fantasic!  Those things could never happen again ever now that that ACP removed the bridges.  Just memories now and long live the memory of our Canal Zone heritage.

I missed last week due to work getting ready for the Panama Canal Society Reunion.  I am still organizing the event and keeps me very busy during this crunch time.  We open on July 5.  If I miss another week or two, that is where I am.


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