Photo of the Week
May 21, 2000

"Big Rock"..!!??  What are we going to do with this big rass rock?  I am not sure what the surgical mask is for, unless this is some really rank mud, but this PCC employee is surveying the situation with this bucket load.  This rock probably won't pass through the dredge bucket into the scow (barge).  Most of the time, they will rock the bucket back and forth until the rock falls onto the scow's deck and then pushed off into the dump area later.  I have seen many photos of the old steam shovels in the cut during the construction days getting big rocks blown up in their bucket.  Blasting large rocks in the dredge bucket is a must when they get wedged or stuck in the bucket.  This is a really a great photo that I scanned out of the 1999 "Panama Canal Commission - 20 Years" album.  There are so many really great photos in this publication, I hope to set up a presentation with all of them.  The dredge bucket in this picture is from our most favorite dredge "Cascadas" before it was sentenced to mothballs.  Don't you just love it??!!  Great shots from home!

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