Photo of the Week
July 11. 2021

More historical photos from the National Archives.  

"A wayside park located on the Madden Road which was built under his direction, was dedicate last month to George W. Green, Municipal Engineer of the Panama Canal for more that 25 years.  The ceremony was attended by people from all walks of life and were representative of every unit of the Canal - Railroad organization.  The park is at the site of the waterfalls on Madden Road.  The monument to Mr. Green, built of stone from the Sosa Hill Quarry, was unveiled by Governor Newcomer after an address by Frank H. Lerchen, who succeeded Mr. Green as Municipal Engineer.  The ceremony was opened and closed by the Very Reverend Raymond T. Ferris, Dean of St. Luke's Cathedral in Ancon."  The Panama Canal Review, February 2, 1951.  The photo above was taken a few years after the dedication shown below.

We used to stop at the park and climb the waterfall.  Very nice park and a fitting tribute to Mr. Green.  I wonder if this monument is there today?  I understand the bronze plaque/s disappeared a long time ago.  Probably to be sold as scrap.  Too bad.  Well this photo of the week is a tribute to Mr. Green.

Long live the memories of the Canal Zone.


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