Photo of the Week
July 10, 2005 

     Another very historical photo for the Photo of the Week this week.  The above photo shows a group of structures that were built in the early 1940's that would serve as a Aggregate gravel processing plant.  There was another plant just like it built at Miraflores for the Third Locks Project.  The one shown above was built along the Chagres River in the Gamboa area by Nevada Constructors, Inc.  It is believed that the Gamboa Plant would process Aggregate for the Gatun Third Locks project.  Neither the Gamboa or Miraflores processing plants started operations after the start of World War Two when the entire Third Locks project was stopped.  The plants were later disassembled and sold.
    The most interesting thing about the Gamboa plant (above) was that it was located just up river from the Gamboa Golf and Country Club we all knew.  I have blown up and extracted an area of the photo (shown in a yellow frame) so you can see the future Gamboa Golf Club area and buildings (see below).  I have added titles for reference.
     I have been pulling my hair out wondering what this photo showed and finally discovered where the photo was taken when showing the photo to an old Gamboa resident Ed Sykes today.  I then expanded the background of the photo with historian Kibby Bouche.
     While living in Gamboa, we used to go down the road that lead to this old plant to target shoot at a rifle range built in the ruins of the plant.  We always wondered what was there in the past that created all the cement foundations and footers.  Well, know we know.
     This photo is part of the John W. Siebert, Jr. collection that I had the privilege to scan.  Our Canal Zone history is never ending!!!

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