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May 5, 2013

Continuing  with the Ralph Sartor collection.

Now this is a classic capture in time.  Here is the famous statue of Columbus with an indian under arm that still stands today in Colon.  Columbus is looking out into the Atlantic but is seeing something modern and different on this day.  Here is a U.S. bucket dredge and tug boat working out in Limon Bay quite possibly cutting a channel in the shallow water.  I love the horse and carriage riding along the roadway. More great stuff from this fantastic collection.

Post comment submission:

Another great photo of the week.  The photo you have this week was actually shot from the upper porch of the French Canal Headquarters which was located in what we knew as Old Cristobal.  The photo I've attached is a poor scan of a panoramic photo showing Old Cristobal with Colon in the background.  The panoramic was probably taken after the photo you have as you can see the Cristobal piers are under construction.  The dredge you show in your picture is probably dredging the area at the end of Pier #9 and 10 which is right at the entrance to the French Canal.  Check in your archives as I thing I sent you a copy of this panoramic a couple of years ago.  Hope this helps.
Andrew Fraser

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