Photo of the Week
July 13, 2008 

The Photo of the Week this week is a very rare one.  Not the best of condition, but significant to post as photo of the week.  This photo came from a photo album of mostly Third Locks construction photos in Gatun and Margarita. CZ Images contributor Raymond Macht sent this photo in and is part of a photo album he came across.  I will post some of them in the future.  This photo is of the Camp Coiner Fire Station in 1942.  The reason that this photo was amongst those of the Third Locks photos is because the main offices of the Construction District of the Panama Engineer Division was located in Camp Coiner.  See the excerpt from Wikipedia below.

The area of Camp Coiner was adjacent to Silver City , just across Randolph Road . It was originally known as Camp Randolph , but acquired its name in 1942 when it was occupied by the main offices of the Construction District of the Panama Engineer Division. The name was in honor of Lt. Col. Richard T. Coiner, Corps of Engineers, who died in August 1933 while serving as Department Engineer in the Canal Zone. In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the U.S. Army transferred Camp Coiner to the Canal Zone and the area became Silver City ’s second suburb. The Army buildings were replaced with more suitable buildings, including the first “experimental housing” for local rate workers.

Silver City was later named Rainbow City.

Another piece of lost Canal Zone history in an image.

Note:  Between the Panama Canal Society Reunion (which I was coordinator for) and family / friends visiting afterward, I didn't get the opportunity to post a photo last week.



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