Photo of the Week
April 28, 2002

 This week we have a great cross comparison of old and new photos.  Above you see a really classic colorize post card of a parade in Gatun.  I would say this photo was taken in the later construction days or shortly after the Canal opened.  For those of you familiar with the town of Gatun, most of the buildings in this photo may seem foreign to you.  There is one that still stands today.  The cement building with the red roof on the right is the old dispensary that most Gatun residents remember.  Bet you didn't know that building went back that far!  I didn't until I found this post card.  Other interesting things in this photo: (1) The building immediately to the right with balconies is the old Gatun YMCA, which is one of the several "like" buildings located in many Canal towns in the early days.  This is the same style building that the Balboa Club House originally was. (See photo below of Gatun YMCA - note a part of the dispensary's red roof can be seen).  (2) The street layout is exactly the same as it is today.  I had my friend Art Mokray take a photo in approximately the same spot that this early photographer was standing.  See the next photo.  Of course the old YMCA and other old buildings are long gone but  the old dispensary building is still there.

Long live the memories of the Canal Zone!



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