Photo of the Week
March 27, 2011 

I have been dieing to post these two photos.  When we started our tour of the Pacific Third Lock project, I asked Larry if they found any automobiles when they drained the 1940's chamber.  He said, "as a matter of fact yes".  I laughed to myself and was excited to see what was exposed.  I had to laugh to myself because for many years there were stories of automobiles being pushed off the bank of the old third locks for what ever the reason may have been.  Just think, it would have been a good way to dump a car and tell the insurance company it was stolen.  Or, the person doing the dumping may have borrowed the vehicle for a joy ride and figured it would be best just to dump it in the old chamber.  Who would ever know that one day that old chamber would be drained and the evidence found.  I hope no one looks at the VIN numbers... HA!!  Watch out guilty people.

The photo above shows what looks like a Jeep Cherokee or similar style vehicle.   The photo below just shows the top of an old pick up truck cab.  The wall on the right was the plug where the 1940's digging stopped and left there to hold back the Pacific Ocean. WOW!!  This was fun!!



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