Photo of the Week
January 3, 1999

Cutter Ants 1.jpg (46836 bytes)
Cutter Ants 2.jpg (31597 bytes)

These photos are a real reminder of home for me.   Living in Gamboa next to the jungle, it was a constant battle with the"Cutter Ants" or "Army Ants".  They could literally take every leaf out of your garden in one night.  We used special insecticides and had to hunt out the main mounds.  As long as we kept up the defense, our gardens survived.  Then there was the termites, but that is another story.  The two photos above were sent to me by my friend Mike Norman in Panama.  His house is right next to the jungle.  He told me that on Christmas Day morning,  he and his son Danny were on the back porch sipping coffee.  They keep hearing this crunch crunch sound.  They got up and investigated and this is what they found.  You can see the ants just cutting away.   They took these photos and sent them to me to share with all of you.

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