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December 24, 2000

Happy Holidays Everyone

I hope everyone is have a wonderful holiday season.  This is truly a wonderful time of year.  I think back back of the great times we used to have back home in the Zone during Christmas.  Some stateside friends asked me the other day, "What made it feel like Christmas in Panama?"  I immediately told them the dry season's trade winds blowing strong through the Royal Palm fronds.  They looked at me funny and they all continued talking about their feelings.  Last weekend when this last cold front blasted it's way through Florida, the wind was strong and the sky was sunny.  I closed my eyes and envisioned that I was back home in my mind.  Of course the temperature would have been a bit warmer back home.

Our daughter Allison attended Balboa Elementary for six years and traditionally each year the classes would hold a Christmas program in front of the old school.  This was a special event for all us parents.  We would get there early and get a good spot with our lawn chairs or blankets.  My "Photo of the Week" for this week shows one of these memorable nights.  This one in particular shows my daughter's class performing "The Twelve Days of Christmas on the Isthmus" Zonian style with the all the jungle creatures we know.

The old school will never see nights like this again!

Blessings to all of you this holiday season and as my old Jamaican buddy Atherly used to tell me, "Compliments of the Season to You".

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