Photo of the Week
September 11, 2005 

Sometime ago, I made a presentation here on CZ Images about the Trans-Isthmian Pipeline Project and the Monte Lirio Bridge.  In this presentation, I mentioned the name Mitchellville from the book The Panama Guide, John O. Collins, Copyright, 1912:

" The village of Monte Lirio was a typical "bush" hamlet before the railroad work was begun on the Panama Railroad's relocation. It had houses of thatch, or board and thatch, its streets muddy, and no sanitary conveniences.  It drowses on in much that condition now, while near it is the new Monte Lirio, known as Mitchellville, so named after a foreman popular with the workers. "

This week's photo of the week is a great old photo showing railroad workers of Mitchellville standing in front of the Cafe Maņana in Mitchellville.  There are a couple of young boys standing to the left with their snake boots or spats on.  I wonder where the bell came from and what it was used for...What a great old photo capturing a lost part of our Canal Zone history.

This photo was sent in by CZ Images contributor Vicente Pascual.  Thanks Vicente..

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