Photo of the Week
February 7, 2010 

I was recently contacted by the Public Broadcasting Service to assist in an upcoming documentary film.  I spent most of the day Sunday scanning some request photos from my web site and added a few extras.  This is one of the extras.  I scanned through the web site and didn't see that I have ever posted this photo.  This was surely a very bad day for the guys digging the Panama Canal. Locomotive 206 (sister to ole 299) was traveling on some very unsteady track that must have sunk with the weight of the locomotive.  Once the track sunk to one side, the locomotive fell over on it's side.  All these guys are standing around scratching the heads wondering what the heck do we do now? Bring in the wrecking cranes?  On what track?  Track would have to be laid again and reinforced to hold even more weight.  

Another super photo from the Schultz collection.  What a great capture in time. 

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