Photo of the Week
August 7, 2005 

    The photo of the week this week will bring back memories for Pacific siders that had pets.  This is an aerial photo of the Corozal Veterinary Clinic in Corozal.  The white two story building being the main offices, lab and operating room.  The rest of the facility was for boarding of pets.  There is a little piece of ground behind the one of the gray roof buildings near the jungle where you can see some small white specks on the ground.  This was the "Pet Cemetery".  Hundreds if not thousands of pets were buried there over the years.  I have a few cats buried there.  This picture was taken in the mid 1950's.  Cardenas Road and part of the Corozal Cemetery can be see in the upper right hand of the photo.  Look at those old wonderful Royal Palms...

This photo from the Richard Erbe collection.

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