Photo of the Week
October 27,  2019

This week we will have another very interesting photo sent in by CZ Images contributor E.N. Belland a few years ago.

When I first saw this photo, I thought of either the Balboa or Cristobal round house during the U.S. construction, but when I read the caption I was astonished that this photo was taken in 1894.  The caption reads Panama Railroad Round House, Colon, 1894.  The locomotives are not the Belgium locomotives of the French Canal Company, but of the Panama Railroad passenger and freight service.  This is indeed a wonderful old photo.

The photo or should I say the photo of a photo isn't very clear and I can't zoom in to ID the type of locomotive.  Two things that catch my eye are the very large headlight and the large Pilot or cow catcher mounted on the front end to protect the front wheels.  I am sure the old Panama Railroad line had many hazards back in the day.

Great photo from pre Panama independence and pre U.S. canal construction.


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