Photo of the Week
July 25, 2010 

We are continuing with the Muybridge collection of 1875 photos this week.  I have posted two really great shots of Las Bóvedas of Casco Viejo also known as the "Sea Wall". Las Bovedas is one of the iconic buildings  in Casco Viejo that’s built into the walls of an old dungeon.  They were used as jails by the early Spanish Conquistadores. It is said that at high tide, many prisoners were drowned. You have to remember that when these photos were taken in 1875,  there was no tourist industry and that many of the old buildings of this city built by the Spanish may have been in a some-what ruined condition, but basically the same as they were in the past.  The photo below shows a simple dwelling on the shore Bay of Panama shore with laundry out to dry.  Note almost center in the photo and to the right of a  tree is a small typical Spanish fort guard post like you have seen at other Spanish forts like San Lorenzo.  Wouldn't it be great to travel back in time and walk the streets of this old city?

More of these wonderful old photos are to come in the weeks ahead.  How life and the times were so simple in Panama back in 1875. 


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