Photo of the Week
October 17,  2010 

This week's photo is a photo from the same selection as last week's photo.  Here is wonderful aerial photo of the pristine Balboa that we all remember.  Photo must have been taken in the mid 60's as the Thatcher Ferry Bridge is in place.  We can see the chill water plant for the AC in many of the Balboa buildings including the High School, you can see the Teen Club, Annex, House wares, Shoe Store, Commissary, Theater, Club House, Electrical Division, Section K and the Balboa Stadium, etc..  I jumped for joy when I came across this photo as it brought back so many good memories. Since I lived there until 1996, I saw much of this pristine beloved Balboa slowly go away including one of my best memories identified by the orange arrow.  This tree was an old Mango Tree which was the home of hundreds of Grackles (black birds) each night.  They would flock in and make a heck of a bunch of noise at sunset and sleep there all night.  On occasion, my buddy and I would pull up under it at night in his truck and blow the horn.  I forgot to mention, there were people in the back of the open bed truck and when the horn went off, the poop came down as the birds panicked and launched out of the tree.  HA!!! what a great memory of the good old days.!!

Another great capture in time of CZ Images Memories!

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