Photo of the Week
December 4, 2005 

      The photo of the week this week is one of my favorite old colorized post cards in my collection.  According to the caption, this train wreck was near Miraflores.  If near Miraflores, I would say the river is the Rio Grande River.  I looked in some reference books and couldn't find any reference to this wreck.  It appears that the bridge collapsed.   The locomotive is a Belgium locomotive left over from the French construction days.  The curious thing I see in this photo is what appears to be the wheel assembly of another locomotive.  Not sure if those wheels are from this wreck or another. There is another post card (that I don't have) that was taken the same day showing them removing a dead body from the water next to the wreck.  Times were very hard during the construction of the Panama Canal and here is a good example.

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