Photo of the Week
February 9, 2003

This week's photo is probably the most exciting photo that I have ever posted here.  When I worked in Gamboa, I always wondered what was in the grassy area in front and toward the commissary was in front of the Gamboa Swimming Pool.  There was evidence of some kind of structure being there with foundations shown and heard many different stories.  It was the  mid 1970's when I asked people what was there in the past and those that I was asking didn't have a clue.  Now I know and this week's photo is what was there.  I recently purchased two post cards on Ebay.  The one of the Gamboa Commissary and this one, the Gamboa Club House in the 1940's.  I paid dearly for these post cards, but it was well worth it to preserve them for historical purposes.  I am happy to display for you, the Gamboa Club House, circa late 1940's.

      If you look closely, you can see the Gamboa Theater behind the Club House on the left. To the right of the Club House, you can see part of the Swimming Pool building.  Both Theater and Swimming Pool buildings are still standing today.  From what I understand, the Club House was torn down in the 50's.  I don't have an exact date. 

This building looks much like the Diablo Club House.

Isn't this GREAT STUFF!!!

I don't normally do this, but thought I would for those Gamboadian fans or anyone else with a passion for our Zonian past. If you would like a hard copy of this photo, I will send you a 8 x 10 photo for $10.00 (postage included).  I have printed out a couple already and they look great!  Email me if you would like a copy.  This majestic old building would look wonderful framed and hanging on your wall. 

All proceeds will help support the Canal Zone Images web site....Thanks...

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