Photo of the Week
March 1, 2020

Continuing with the Jim Wich collection this week with two more '50s vintage photos scanned from 35mm slides.  This week I am posting a photo of a dipper dredge and a tug boat.  Why these two photos?  Remember I mentioned that rusty brown color that was used on floating equipment well here is that same color used on this dredge and tug boat.

I don't know for sure which of the three Bucyrus Dipper Dredges the Panama Canal owned is shown in this photo.  There was the Las Cascadas, Paraiso and Gamboa.  The Cascadas was the last to go and I have other photos on this website of the Cascadas.

Below is a photo taken in the Culebra Cut by Gold Hill.  Here is the RMS Caronia being escorted by a PCC tug with that same rusty brown color.  The RMS Caronia was part of the Cunard Line and was considered the premiere cruise ship on the 1950s.  She was sometime referred to as the "Millionaires Yacht".

More from the Wich collection next week.


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