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March 10, 2024

Another historical capture in time from my brother Barry.  We are a little confused with the location of this grand old photo.  Surmising that it was taken on the Atlantic Side in Cristobal or Mt. Hope due to the low number on the signal tower and the presence of lots of Coconut trees which are more common on the Atlantic Side.  What is very curious is one of the old duplex up and down family houses track side.  These type houses were built in the 1930s in Cristobal, Margarita, Gatun, Gamboa and Diablo.  If anyone out there recognizes the location of this photo, please let me know.  The Alco locomotives like the 903 shown were brought to the Canal Zone to upgrade the locomotives in 1952. 
There were three of these Alco diesel electric locomotives purchased by the Panama Railroad in 1952 (901, 902 and 903). Delivered to the Canal Zone by way of the Panama Line ships and unloaded by the Floating Crane Hercules, they added a much needed upgrade to the freight and passenger service on the Panama Railroad.   

Sent in by CZ Images contributor Andrew Fraser: Bill:  the picture is of the railroad crossing, Old Cristobal/Colon at the end of 11th street.  To the left is one of the two, two family up-and-downs just to the north of the Cristobal Fire station.  To the right is Front Street, French Bazar, Cristobal Commissary, etc.  North of the train is the Colon Railroad Station.  Hope this helps.  Thank you for solving the mystery Andrew.


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