Photo of the Week
September 25, 2016

I found these two photos in a section of  my external hard drive that I normally don't file photo images in the other day.  I was surprised and pleased to find them.  I remembered receiving them once I saw them and then checked if I ever posted them.  It seems I didn't ever post them as photo of the week. My daughter has sent them to me in August 2015 which she found posted on a social media site. They are great photos of what our old Balboa Commissary grocery loading area looks like today.  I look at these photos and get really sentimental and homesick for our past Zonian lives.  I remember the ramp so well when shopping for groceries.  Remember the army of package guys / bag boys that would pack up your groceries in the old brown paper bags (no plastic back then) as we checked out, load them on their two level shelved dolly and wheel them out to this loading area.  You would go and get your car and pull up under the overhang (which was really nice when it was raining) and the package guy / bag boy would load the bags in your car.  You would tip him and thank him.  Most of the guys were known by name as they had been there for many years.  Wow..I wonder how many tons of groceries rolled down the ramp all those years.  The place looks exactly the same.  Apparently ACP is using the old commissary building now.

What a great blast from the past and thank you to whoever took and posted these photos on social media.


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