Photo of the Week
July 23, 2017

Continuing with the Brown collection this week with the S.S. America known as the U.S.S. West Point in the photo above.  The S.S. America was acquired by the Navy in 1941 to be used as a troop transport. The photo above was taken in 1946 by  Howard Brown of how the S.S. America looked as a troop transport ship.  There are thousands of troops on the upper decks which can be seen by looking closely.  There are large life rafts on both sides of the ship for a just in case scenario.  Below is a photo of the S.S. America in it's civilian and well known colors.

See more information about the life of the S. S. America by clicking here and clicking the link below.  It is sad how this grand pride of the U.S. finished her life. 

More of these mid 40's photos in the coming weeks.


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