Photo of the Week
September 17, 2006 

What a classic photo!!  I paid dearly for this one, but was well worth it.  Here is a black and white photo post card of the Barber Shop in the old Gating Y.M.C.A during the Canal Construction Days.  As I scanned this photo at high resolution and a large image, it was fun panning around the walls and counters of the room to see what was there.  Most of the photos on the walls are of women.  The old bottles with aftershave and other aroma liquids are on the counter and cabinet.  The tank must be some kind of hot water heater as I don't think it would be a well tank as the Gatun Y.M.C.A. had a large water tank just behind the building.

This is a super photo snap shot of our early Canal Zone history.  Long live the memories of the Panama Canal Zone.

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