Photo of the Week
October 8, 2017

I found an old colorized post card from the time when the old court house building construction was completed in 1908 as the new Administration Building for the Isthmian Canal Commission.  Not to overkill the subject here, but I just had to post this old post card as it shows the old third floor structure.  This image clearly shows that there was a building built and balconies built all around it.  This was quite an elegant building in it's day and still is.  There is quite a long walkway, board walk and stairs to get up to the building.  You can imagine this are had to be cleared of jungle back when it was constructed and there are some jungle palm remnants still present including Black Palm.  It is too bad that more information about this building and the construction of it isn't as available as when the Administration in Balboa was built.  I have checked both the Canal Record Vol. 1 (1907-1908) and the 1908 Isthmian Canal Commission Report with little information.

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