Photo of the Week
February 1, 2004

While going through the many photos I took while in Panama last year, I thought this set would be a good "Photo of the Week".  Thanks so much to Nina Brown who provided transportation to Gamboa for me, I had the very good fortune to get together with my old buddy Obispo.  Obispo was born on the East Bank of the Canal in the Obispo area along Gamboa Highway.  His name goes back to the old village of Haut and Bas Obispo which were French and American construction towns. He is also known as the "Hunter" as he used to bring us some great game to BBQ.  Oby as we call him, was off work this day, but he works at the old Gamboa Gas Station, that Shell took over after PCC Supply Department closed down.  I would like to note that the black post to the left of Oby is the original stand the PCC had for the cash register.

When I lived in Gamboa, post treaty, I depended on the Gamboa Gas Station for COLD Soberana or Panama Beer on the weekends.  The cooler in the bottom photo is the BEST cooler in  Panama for chilling quarts and pints of Panama beer nectar.  The bottles were on the verge of freezing, but not quite. Ahhhhh....I miss that cooler so much!!!  This little Kiosco had all kinds of great treats to eat as well.  This was the Gamboa Supermarket!

God I miss that place!!!  Long live our memories of home.


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