Photo of the Week
November 26, 2006 

     This week's Photo of the Week caught my eye while looking through an old photo album I purchase a few months ago.  The main thing that caught my eye was this little boy and what he is holding.  A shoe shine box.  I had completely forgotten how these little guys would come up to you on the street and ask you if you wanted your shoes shined.  They all had this classic little homemade box with a platform on it to place your foot.  They would shine your shoe as you were standing there on the sidewalk.  I wonder if they still have these little shoe shine guys today with everyone wearing tennis shoes and sandals.  The shoe shine guys may be extinct now.  What a great flash from the past!.
     The photo was taken in Santa Ana Plaza in Panama City and when I scanned the photo, I scanned it in high resolution so I could zoom in to the different scenes.  The cars appear to be late '20 or early '30 vintage.  There is even a horse and buggy still on the street.  The large vertical sign to the left of the power poles says "El Dorado Theater".  The building directly behind the shoe shine boy's head has a sign that says, "American Bar" and next to that sign another that says, "La Plata".  There is an American sailor standing in front of the bar.  There is a young girl walking towards the photographer carrying either a small suit case or musical instrument case.  
     This old photo is surely a fun study when zooming into it.  A moment in time captured.

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