Photo of the Week
August 24, 2014

As a interesting follow up from last week's photo showing the old Balboa Clubhouse being demolished, CZ Images contributor Bill Fall sent me these photos for this week's presentation.  Bill was recently in Panama and took these photos knowing of my posted photo from last week.  Above is the building that took the place of the old Balboa Clubhouse.  It was to be the Balboa Cafeteria when it was built, but never really took off as the Canal Zone was transitioning out of existence. The old Panama Canal Company Supply Division which operated the clubhouses was being phased out.  The Balboa Cafeteria was contracted out to provide the food service and didn't make it.

The portion of the building above the brown roof was not part of the original construction, it was added on not too long ago.  I saw this upper portion of the building under construction the last time I was in Panama three years ago.  They had added the roof at the time and I thought it was going to be some sort of open air part of the building.  Now I see in these photos that they enclosed the second floor.  The sign above the entranceway says, Boston School International.  Hence the once to be cafeteria sitting on the foot print of our beloved original Balboa Clubhouse is now a school.  Interesting turn of events through the years.  You can see the passageway side walk going back to the pool as in the past between the school building and theater.

Thank you Bill for sending in these great current photos.




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