Photo of the Week
April 10, 2016

Continuing with the Canal Zone Scouting theme that I will be posting until this year's Panama Canal Reunion here is another fine historical photo of the good times scouts had in the Canal Zone.  The caption on the back of the photo says:

1960 Camporee, Gatun CZ, Boy Scouts of America

Troop 16, Fort Kobbe, Black Hawk Patrol using the improvised shower made by Troop 16.  A bucket brigade is used to fill the 55 gallon drum.  The shower was made from salvage material and set up on a pioneer-type tripod.

L-R: Bob Mill, Jim Smolka, Mike Ford, Sam Turk, Mike Hargett, Jim Clinger, Carlos Riveria.

Another great capture in time of the life and times in the Canal Zone.


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