Photo of the Week
April 5, 2020

This week's image is one picture in a series of thirteen watercolors of Panama America aircraft by John T. McCoy. I found this item at a local flea market that I frequent.  It was laying on the ground with a bunch of items out of an estate.  I recognized the Gatun Locks and Dam right away and picked it up of the ground.  It cost me a buck.  The watercolor print is on the cover of a Pan American 1st Class Menu from 1984.  Within the menu, this is written:

Historic First Flights of Pan American Clippers

"This one is of Pan America's S-38 amphibian (NC8000), flown by Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, arrives in the Panama Canal Zone, concluding a 2,000-mile, two-and-a-half-day journey through seven Latin American countries.  The formidable course over water, jungle and mountains established the western link of the air routes that soon were to criss-cross he Caribbean.  The newly designed 100-mph Sikorsky, often referred to as "The Flying Duck," pioneered many routes for Pan American and played a key role in the development of air travel to Latin America."

The menu is quite impressive with top shelf alcohol beverages and five star restaurant food items including Caviar.

This is a very historic item in many ways.

After flying over the Gatun Locks and Dam, Lindberg landed in France Field, Canal Zone on this day, February 6, 1929.

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