Photo of the Week
December 13,  2009 

This week's photo is out of an old photo album with photos mostly taken in the old construction day town of Culebra.  As you know, I love family and children's photos.  I love this one so much.  The photo is in very bad shape, but was able to clean it up a bit.  The right edge must have been exposed to the elements more than the left which is evident with the strong sepia color on the right.  The  photo was taken in front of the Culebra gazebo where many band concerts and celebrations were held.

Here we have a group of children that have built a neat mode of transportation and play.  I remember as I kid I used to scrounge old baby stroller wheels and scrap lumber to make go-carts.  Well it looks like these young ones have done the same here.  Who knows where the wheels originated from, but they have built them a nice horse drawn buggy.

Isn't this a great capture in time?


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