Photo of the Week
August 31, 2014

I am once again so excited this week with this scanned image I purchased on ebay.  I was talking to my brother a week ago and he mentioned that there was a 35mm slide for sale on ebay that looked like the Presidente Porras.  I went on ebay and sure enough the photo is one taken on the Porras back in the '50s.  As you can see, I purchased the old slide and have scanned it for this week's photo and the Presidente Porras ferry boat story continues.

The writing on the 35mm slide says: "Canal Zone Ferry Boat - Canal People - U. F. Cruise"

Could this be a University of Florida alumni trip to the Canal Zone?  The chairs are the same type of wooden folding chairs seen in previous photos of the Porras that I posted.  The hill and jungle seen in the distance looks just like that across from Gamboa near the anchorage area.  If this is so, then the Porros is either arriving or departing Gamboa for the trip.

Isn't it great when one thing leads to another.  This slide is a wonderful capture in time and I am glad we found it.  I asked the seller if there were other slide in Panama and told me they were already sold.  This is upsetting as there may have been some more of the old Porras.  I am just happy to have this one at this point.

Happy Labor Day to all.



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