Photo of the Week
June 24, 2007 

The photo this week is an interesting one.  Doug Allen sent me this recnet photo taken by Mike Carista of a new project that the Balboa Port is taking on to expand the port. They are removing the dredges & other French equipment near Diablo.  This old equipment has been laying in the shallow mud flats since the French and American Construction Days.  Shown in this photo is a crane lifting a portion of a old French Ladder Dredge bucket chain.  The following links from former Photo of the Week photos show similar dredges:

This one is of the same old dredges being scrapped in the late 1930's.

Mini CZ Images presentation about these old dredges. 

They are finally removing the last ruminants of these old work horses to make way for modern times.  These old relics have sat here in the mud for over 100 + years.  I wish I was in Panama right now to watch them excavate these old relics.

Thanks Doug and Mike..

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