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February 10, 2019

Back on December 30, 2018 I posted an old photo of the wooden Diablo Elementary School which most Pacific Side residents went to or remember.  Well, CZ Images  contributor Bill Fall was snapped these two photos in 2014 shown here of the building that stands in that foot print today.  We are not sure exactly, but the building looks an awful lot like the old wooden building.  I think they used the old building and renovated.  The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) are the owners of this building.  Here is an article I found from the Panama newspaper La Prensa.  Although it doesn't exactly state that this building was the old building remodeled, it hints a little towards that.  Plus, I would think that if the constructed a brand new building, they would have done a more modern architecture. The building is exactly where the old building stood for many years.  You can see the old gym still standing behind the building.  Here is the article:

"Although part of the structure of the building located in Diablo is condemned, the AMP uses part of these for some 
administrative offices. 

After several years of paying rent for its main offices, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) announced that it will 
hire a company for the designs, plans, construction and restoration of the new facilities, which will be located in Diablo. 
The AMP spends approximately $ 1.5 million per year in lease payments, of which approximately $700thousand is for the payment
of the offices located in the Pan Canal building in Albrook. In the first rental contract of these offices, nine dollars per 
square meter were paid, but after the expiration of the contract in March 2009, the owner of the property requested 14 dollars
per square meter.
In 2006, the then administration of the AMP took the step of leasing these facilities to meet one of the requirements for the
audit that would be carried out two years later by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The audit included an inspection
of the physical facilities where the AMP operates and an evaluation of the information systems used mainly by the Seafarers and 
Merchant Marine divisions. Panama passed the IMO exam because it fulfilled the requirements, including the condition of the offices, 
because according to some analysts, this would not have been possible if it had been carried out in the old wooden building located 
in Diablo and that has more 50 years old. But the idea of building a new building for the AMP is not recent. The last administration
also disclosed a model of the new infrastructure in Diablo, but the project did not progress."

The article mentions Albrook as the AMP has a building there as well which is a old barracks converted and renovated.

One thing that brought back memories that I haven't thought of in a long time is the stone retaining wall next to the sidewalk.  I remember this wall well along with the larger one across the street holding back the hill on that side of the road.

The photo on the very bottom is one that I found on the Internet that shows the AMP was using the old wooden building at first.

Ultimately, it would be so nice to know at least part of the old building is under all that and will live for another 70+ years....

Thank you for sending in the photos Bill.



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