Photo of the Week
January 5, 2020

I was going through some photos that I haven't looked at in a while.  This photo is part of a collection of wrecking crane rescue photos.  I originally posted one out of this set back in August 2003 which shows a similar situation.  This crane in this photo today is crane number 32, the same crane as the photo from August 2003.  Back in August of 2019, I posted a photo from the Fay McCain collection showing number 32 on the dock assist lifting a brand new locks locomotive.  It appears that this crane was certainly a busy crane.  Like I have mentioned before, these cranes were an absolute necessity in the construction of the Panama Canal and relocation of the Panama Railroad.  They fixed all those things that went wrong.

The photo above has writing on it that that this wreck was on the relocation line of the Panama Railroad. I was curious as to what was written on the caboose support car and made the zoom in photo below.  Writen in white letters is: I.C.C. Central Division Wrecking Car - Empire.  I also has Panama R.R. and a number which I wish I could read to look it up.  I shows crane 32 lifting 1 of 5 dump cars.

As most of the CZ Images regular visitors, anything to do with railroad and railroad wrecks know I love this stuff.  I will post a couple more photos from this set next week.



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