Photo of the Week
June 19, 2011

Another  photo from the Fred and Lilian Ramsey collection that was sent to me by Richard Crowe who is Fred Ramsey's Great Nephew. 

This week's photo is a good one showing Fred and Lilian Ramsey standing on the front porch of their bungalow as Lilian calls it in the photo caption in her hand writing.  The event for this day was a sloth which is climbing on stick that Lillan is holding.  This photo was taken in January 1906.  From what I have read, things in Panama were quite harsh still for Americans and other foreigners as the yellow fever and malaria had not been completely concurred yet.  Most canal workers wouldn't bring their wives with them because of the conditions.  Fred and Lilian had a good tour in Panama with no problems.  This bungalow was located on the hill overlooking Camp Elliott and probably had a good breeze. I noted the fancy porch roof supports. This building was probably considered a very high standard for the time.  I may very well have been there since the French days.

Once again,  this photo was taken at the old Marine base, Camp Elliott (1905 - 1907). This information taken from Richard Crowe's comments about the photo collection.

Many more great photos coming in the weeks ahead.

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